Meet The Founders

Eric Lopez, Founder of Reading Kingdoms

 Eric  is a proud naturalized citizen from Senegal. He knows the challenges  that face young immigrants in America. Eric lives in Pawtucket, and  speaks fluently French, Spanish, Cap-Verdean and Wollof. He earned a  Master’s degree in Secondary Education from the University of Rhode  Island. Having worked for the Chariho School District for almost ten  years as a world language educator, he has become keenly aware of the  ranking of schools, and even more concerned about the status of  struggling elementary schools.   According to him, reading to children  is not a new concept. Stable families do it regularly, but a struggling  family needs a support system to read to their children in order to  stimulate early brain development. This gives them a chance for success  in school and beyond. 

Tatia Lopez, Founder of Reading Kingdoms

 Tatia  has worked in the urban trenches while volunteering for Atlanta Public  Schools as a reading teacher. She observed first hand the devastating  effects of toxic stress in economically disadvantaged areas of Atlanta.  She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Writing and Rhetoric from the  University of Rhode Island and a Associate’s degree in Public  health.   As a journalist, she has used the power of writing to address  the needs of her local community as an educational advocate. Tatia  concurs with Warren Ballantine that children in poverty are “hungry,  hurt, hopeless, homeless and hugless.” Reading Kingdoms will provide a  sanctuary for children and families to be informed, engaged and  inspired. 

Robert Green, Founder of Reading Kingdoms

 Robert  is willing to share his experiences and knowledge to improve the  positive outcomes of children through reading. He has a Bachelor’s of  Science degree in Human Development and Family Studies from the  University of Rhode Island. He worked with young children for over ten  years. Robert believes a child is like a rising sun in a positive family  environment a child can become a bubbling sun. This is what drives his  interest in promoting education and literacy in urban communities.