Meet Our Board Members

Rosalie Darosa Board Member

 Rosalie  is the President of North East Knitting, an important industrial unit  of New England. She was born in the Island of Brava, Cabo Verde. At age  eleven she began her course of success, humbly supporting the  implementation of an important educational institution in her island of  origin Escola Materna a school linked to the Catholic Church. Emanating  from her travels, first through Europe and later to the United States,  she learned to speak fluent English, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and  Cap-Verdean Creole. Knowing the power of education and reading she looks  to support and also share her experience. 

Dr. Mary Klehm Board Member


 Mary  Klehm is a Special Educator at Chariho Middle School, with 15 years of  teaching experience. Mary holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Elementary  Education and taught Fifth Grade for 3 years. She earned her master’s  Degree in Special Education, with concentration in learning disabilities  at Rhode Island College, and provided special education services to  students in grades 5-8 for 12 years. Mary obtained her Ph.D. in  Education from the University of Rhode Island in 2013. Her work was  published in the research journal, Teacher Education, Special Education.

Chantee Lans Board Member


Chantee  Lans is an Edward R. Murrow award-winning and Emmy-nominated reporter  at WPRI-TV/WNAC-TV (CBS/FOX). She covers overnight breaking news across  Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. She has also reported in  Greensboro, North Carolina and Jackson, Mississippi. She previously  worked behind the scenes at CBS News. Chantee  is the president and co-founder of NABJ’s first tri-state chapter  called the Southern New England Association of Black Journalists  (SNEAB). Through SNEABJ, Chantee helped organize journalism training  workshops for Pawtucket inner city youth at Shea High School. She is  also a former board member of the Mississippi Children’s Home Services. “A reader lives a thousand lives before he or she dies. The person who never reads lives only once.” -Author George R. R. Martin

Tim Rudd, Board Member

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Timothy  Rudd is a Pawtucket resident, and the Pawtucket City Councilor for the  Fairlawn and Woodlawn Neighborhoods. He is a dedicated Providence Police  School Resource Officer and an Assistant Coach Cross Country Track and  Field at RI College. As a father of three, he knows that reading is the  foundation that opens all doors to our future. According to him, our  children need us more now than ever. By providing this foundation for  them, we will provide the necessary tools in order for them to succeed  in this incredibly competitive world. By implementing this program to  our children we will undoubtedly witness a foundation that will  ultimately transform with time highly capable and successful adults. For  these reasons and many others he is proud to be part of the Reading  Kingdoms family. 

LorenzoTetreault Board Member

 Lorenzo  C. Tetreault, Councilman at Large of Pawtucket is a lifelong educator.  He is a retired English teacher, and knows first hand that early  exposure to reading gives one the potential to uncover ultimate learning  opportunities. Reading open doors to innumerable possibilities for a  fulfilling life. A child can thrive in a nurturing and stimulating  literacy environment. 

Peter Wells Board Member


Peter  is the Editor-in-Chief of The Providence American Newspaper. The  Providence American newspaper is a 27 year old publication whose primary  editorial focus is on the issues of the day that impact poor and  minority communities of Rhode Island. The mission is to be the source  for news and information important to the communities of color. He has a  multitude of Private business consulting for various Rhode Island based  organizations including: State Office of Public Defender – Community  Outreach & Program Training, Civil Rights Roundtable of RI – Program  Consultant & Moderator, Department of Health (Minority Health  Program)  Program Moderator. Peter has a master’s degree in Education  from Antioch University, d//b/a Cambridge College and an undergraduate  degree in economics.