Reading  Kingdoms’ concept originated from a family discussion during dinner  last year. As a result of the overwhelming concern of many struggling  schools in Rhode Island, my Tatia, Robert Green  and myself thought of a comprehensive solution that addresses reading to  children in a multi-pronge approach (family, school and community). 


This  very discussion has been happening for a few years, initiated by Robert  Green,  who recently earned a bachelor’s degree in Human Development  and Family Studies from the University of Rhode Island. “Mr. Green”, as I  call him is a man who has a passion for making changes in his  community. For eighteen years, he worked for Head Start in Pawtucket;  where he actively contributed in the Fatherhood Program. He is a ninja  for reading.  He relentlessly spoke about the positive attributes of  reading to build healthy brains starting from conception, and the  negative effect of toxic stress.

Tatia, who earned a MPH degree in Public Health, worked as an Ameri-Corps volunteer  teacher in Atlanta, Georgia, and a volunteer adult ESL teacher for the  Providence Archdiocese. As a mother of two, she has always focused her  undivided attention toward literacy and the guiding light of supporting  communities on the importance of reading and parent partnerships.    


 As  a World Language Teacher at Chariho Middle School, and the Director of  an after school language program for the Warwick Public Schools. I  earned a master’s degree in Secondary Education from the University of  Rhode Island and a bachelor’s degree in French and Spanish from the  University of West Georgia. I believe equipping children with the right  tools through reading and nurturing environments makes a difference in  the classroom and throughout life. 


As  a family unit, our innate passion drove us to create this research  based concept known as Reading Kingdoms. We would use one of the many  foreclosed houses around struggling elementary schools, and transform it  into a homelike reading environment. Children will read and be read to  by supporting caregivers to revive the fun in reading. Our team is  multilingual and multicultural in relation to further addressing the  needs of the community. Therefore language and diversity will assist in  parents being   aware of new scientific findings about brain development  and toxic stress; we believe it takes a community to make a change!